5 Strategies For Doubling Your Business in 2019

In Marketing by Jesse Doubek

Once you have an established business – meaning you understand your ideal customer and you have a proven track record of making sales and delivering results…

I’ve found that there are 5 main ways to take your business to the next level.

You don’t have to use all of them.

Here at Doubek Digital Media, we like picking a “theme” for the year. This year’s has been profitability.

Then each quarter, we’ll focus on 1-3 key objectives.

As you plan for 2019, consider choosing 1 or 2 of these 5 game-changing strategies as your main objective for the first quarter. Commit to it, and I guarantee you’ll move forward quickly towards rapid growth in your business.

The 5 Ways to Rapidly Grow Your Business in 2019

Strategy #1: Start More Strategic Partnership Conversations

Great partners can help you reach new customers, find new opportunities, and create massive revenue boosts with little to no risk. 


Firstly, because they have their own connections, leads, and customers.  If those people are in your ideal audience, then your partnership could be an easy win-win simply by promoting your products and services to your partner’s audience. You would pay them a commission on sales, and many times, these types of customers will be extremely high value because they were introduced to you through a referral.

As a result, you’ll have instant credibility and trust with them, which can skyrocket conversions and build your following fast.

Partners can also make introductions for you. If you’re looking for speaking gigs, ask if they know any event managers looking for speakers.

The beauty of this strategy is that there’s no risk to either of you. You don’t have to invest in advertising or product creation. All you have to do is create a win-win partnership structure and focus on service. Remember, partnerships are a two-way street. Kick off the relationship by trying to serve them, and trust that it will come back around for you.

All things considered, starting more conversations with the goal of creating strategic partnerships is an excellent way to move forwards quickly towards doubling your business in 2019.

Strategy #2: Use Marketing Automation to Gain Leverage

Lots of people fail when they try to build automated “sales funnels” and run ads. 

Why? Because they don’t understand the purpose of marketing automation, and they don’t buy into the real goal.

Marketing automation gives you leverage.

But gaining leverage on something that isn’t already working and effective is completely useless, and bound to fail.

If you’ve ever watched the hit TV show Shark Tank then you know that all of the Sharks on the panel are looking for leverage by investing cash into businesses. They want to take something that’s already generating sales and pour gasoline on the fire with their cash.

If the business doesn’t have sales or momentum, then they don’t have a fire. They have a spark. And gasoline will just put it out.

It’s the same with marketing automation. Sales funnels, email marketing automation, video sales letters, webinars, chatbots… all of it is fuel. In our agency, the most successful funnels we’ve built have been for experts who already have a successful business – and just need more leverage.

If you’re just starting out, don’t invest a bunch of time and money in marketing automation. Get on the phone, and make some sales.

Then when you’re ready, come talk to us, and we can blow up your successful business with advanced marketing automation and advertising, and get you the leverage you’re seeking.

Strategy #3: Invest in Growing Your Audience

Would you ever go on Oprah without making sure you have a well-designed and functional website or book that people can easily search for while watching?

Of course you wouldn’t – it would be a colossal waste of world-class exposure!

Sure, people would see you. Some would remember you. But you would have no way to capture leads or sales from the millions of people who got to you know you on one of the most successful talk-shows of all time.

This is what I say to entrepreneurs who want to invest in creating content and building their social media audiences… without having a converting lead generation and sales process.

I don’t care if you keep it simple with a Facebook group and livestreams asking people to DM you so you can sell them…

Or if you have a fancy automated webinar funnel that prints sales.

You need to have SOMETHING that works before you even think about investing serious time and money into social media content and audience building. This is a great brand-building tool and something that can help take a 7 -figure business to 8-figures when used correctly.

But when you’re starting out, keep it simple, and use your money for direct-response marketing activities that generate sales. Sales is all that matters.

You can still create those social media profiles so you own them, and post and engage on them. Just set a maximum time limit per week of how much energy you’re going to put into it so that you don’t get carried away.

Strategy #4: Get More Online & Offline Stages

This is one of my absolute favorite strategies for building your business and getting high-quality customers fast. 

In my opinion, there is no better way to build buzz and make sales than online and offline events.

If you’re not already speaking on stages, then consider making 2019 the year you start.

There are TONS of live events every year that need speakers, and when you find the right ones that are filled with your ideal customers… these opportunities are GOLD.

Also consider doing more online events, even if you have a small email list. If you can 20 people to show up for a live webinar, do it. You’ll create a ton of buzz, goodwill, and even if you don’t get a huge amount of sales… you’re getting invaluable experience and feedback that will serve you for years to come.

This is a strategy I’ve been doing for a long time, and am “doubling down” on in 2019. Watch for my monthly “super-webinars” containing 3 hours of pure content, no sales pitch, and amazing giveaways… and observe the response that I get to them. These type of longer online events are great way to stand out and differentiate yourself from the standard “pitch-fest” events that everyone is used to seeing (and tired of!)

Strategy #5: Boost Your Branding

Last but not least, let’s talk branding. 

A great brand that extends all the way through your marketing, sales, and fulfillment process is one of the keys to creating a massive business.

But just like investing in your social media content and audience, it’s not as important when you’re starting out. Remember, all that matters is sales when you’re getting started.

A great website and pro-level design is incredible to have. It’s something we do for our high-level clients who have a successful business, and we’ve seen the impact it can have. This is definitely a difference maker that can accelerate your growth towards doubling your business.

What will you be focusing on in the first quarter of 2019?

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Let’s go out there and Crush It!

– Jesse