[Case Study] Marco Kozlowski: How 3 “Breakeven” Live Webinars Generated $480,000 in Profits

In Case Study by Jesse Doubek

There is a massive misconception today in the world of course creators, speakers, and influencers.

It’s a blind spot that’s caused a lot of people who genuinely want to make a difference in the world – and have the experience and skillset to do it – to lose a LOT of time and money. 

And the worst part is, it’s been perpetuated by “leaders” you’re supposed to be able to look up to as an example of how to succeed with this business model. 

Those 2 words, “business model” are the missing piece for far too many aspiring influencers – and the reason is dead simple. 

You either:

#1: Don’t have a complete picture of the business model and what it takes to succeed, or:

#2: You refuse to accept the truth about the business model out of greed and laziness.

This case study shows without doubt the structure required for influencers, course creators, and speakers to succeed today – and it does it with a bang. 

The Scoop on Marco’s “Breakeven” Live Webinars

If I told you that you could do a live webinar and sell $10,000 worth of an online course that includes 4 tickets for your customers and their family to come to your live event…

But you wouldn’t make ANY money from that $10,000…

(In fact, you might even lose up $5,000 from the cost of advertising spend)

Would you do it?

If your answer is no, then you’re not ready to create an online course. And that’s ok.

If your answer is yes, then you understand the influencer business model… just like Marco does. 

See, Marco spent a total of $33,800 on advertising over the course of 3 live webinars. 

These webinars brought in $34,866 in revenue, making it a “breakeven” effort. 

That’s not including Marco’s time, or what he paid us to help him do it.

If this was the only judge of success from the campaign, let’s be honest – it would a failure. 

No one wants to spend months of time, energy, and money creating something that only “breaks even”. 

The Last 5 Sentences Are Why Most Influencers FAIL.

The story that some “leaders” still perpetuate about creating an online course and building a “lifestyle” business from it… is dead. 

It’s a lie. 

If you believe it with even a fraction of your being, then you need to some find that idea in your head…

… And either proverbially take it behind the barn…

Or switch businesses and do something else entirely. 

There was a time when you could create e-books and build a business selling only information. 

That time is gone. 

This is the new business model, and it’s how you succeed in earning an amazing income, building a successful business, and making a real impact in the world. 

How $34,866 of Revenue From a “Breakeven Campaign” Turned Into $480,000 in Profits…

I mentioned that Marco’s offer on the live webinar was for his online training, plus 4 tickets for his new customers and their families to come to his live events. 

Marco holds a new live event around the U.S every month or two, which is where his customers come for a 3-day “deep dive workshop”. 

Customers come to implement what he teaches in the online course and the 3-day event, and his promise is simple:

He will grab them by the scruff and keep them there until they actually DO what they came there to do. 

Now, because Marco’s amazing, and he:

  1. Does what he teaches himself
  2. Has the experience and skillset to deliver on the promise of his live event and high end coaching programs
  3. Genuinely cares about getting his customers results (he has the most amazing and massive amount of testimonials I’ve ever seen)

… Because of all that, he is extremely successful at the most important part of this business model:

Selling high-dollar programs.

That’s right, the $480,000 in profits came from Marco selling $20,000+ coaching programs to the leads and customers our “breakeven” live webinars generated.

And that’s what makes the whole thing work. 

Here’s The 4-Step Business Model You Need If You Want to Succeed

The influencer model we use with clients like Marco is quite simple, and I invite and encourage you to use it – or work with me and my team to implement it. 

Step 1: Your website and social media builds a brand people trust, and an audience of “followers”.

Step 2: “Lead magnet” giveaways generate leads so that you can build a relationship with them. 

Step 3: Live webinars generate online sales somewhere between 50% ROAS (return on ad spend) and “breakeven”. 

Step 4: Leads and sales are ascended to high dollar products and services by either getting on the phone with you (or your sales team), or coming to a live event where you make your offer. 

Think of your influencer business as a house you’re building. 

Steps 1 – 3 build the foundation, pour the concrete, and put the walls up. 

Step 4 puts a roof on the home so you it doesn’t get destroyed when it rains, and so that you can enjoy a nice, safe space to thrive when the sun shines. 

If you’re just getting started in this business, I hope you’ve read this and soaked it up before you’ve wasted too much time or energy. If you want help building your business the right way at an investment that makes sense for you, me and my team can help. 

And if you’re a more experienced entrepreneur looking to grow and scale faster, we can take you to the next level. 

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To Your Success,
Jesse Doubek