How Doctors, Lawyers, and Other Real World Service Providers Can Gain Leverage & Free Up Time With Online Marketing Automation

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How to Beat Rising Ad Costs and Grow Your Business Online

“I cried everyday thinking about going back to work after my baby was born. I wanted to be with my family, but knew I had to go back to the same grind, doing the same thing, and not being appreciated for it.”

Those were the humbling words of Dr. Emily as she told us the real reason why she came to us for help.

She had spent years of her life training. Massive amounts of money on education. And invested endless amount of energy into serving her patients.

To come to the realization that the “destination” of her journey was not all it was cracked up to be… well, to say the least, was a shock.

Yet what Dr. Emily experienced is all too common.

We work hard to get what we want and help people along the way. We want to earn a solid income so we can take care of our families.

But most of all, we want the time and freedom to be able to enjoy the people who matter most. To live, love, and experience life to its fullest.

And so the question arises for many of our clients like Dr. Emily….

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, organizers, coaches, health practitioners, business managers… and countless other hard-working professionals who are over-worked, under-appreciated…

“How do I to gain leverage, earn more, and free up more time?”

Our answer:

Online Marketing Automation Gives You Leverage

Working with people 1-on-1 can be profitable, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

But even if it’s your dream job, one problem will always remain:

You’re trading time for money. There’s no leverage.

As one famous management guru said:

“A bad system will beat a good person every time.”
– W. Edwards Deming, Total Quality Management.

And a good system?

Well, a good marketing system will allow you to generate leads and sales on (or close to) autopilot, 24/7. This contributes to revenue growth, profitability, and makes your real-world business more valuable if you’re looking to sell it one day.

But what if you could automate not only the marketing… but also the fulfillment of your product or service?

Online Automation Exists to Set You Free

You’ve probably heard about the huge growth of the online education market:

How to Beat Rising Ad Costs and Grow Your Business Online

People from all walks of life and business are creating online courses that can do their job of training, coaching, or consulting for them.

But a good fulfillment system could just as easily be technology that handles the payment and shipping process of a physical product, like a book, at home medical kit test, or any other kind of product.

Or a system to manage staff without you being there.

The bottom line is, automation has the power to significantly change your life and business, so that you can choose how and when you work. Want a day, week, or month at the beach? No problem – your systems have you covered.

Loving what you do and want to work every single day from 9am – noon (then break for a siesta)? Do it.

3 Tips To Start Gaining Leverage Through Automation

If you’re a doctor, lawyer, or other real world service provider, there are multiple ways to gain leverage and freedom through online automation.

Here are 3 ways you can get started on your journey to creating the systems you need, today:

Tip #1: Identify Your Highest Leverage Monetizer

In your business, there’s likely to be one big thing you could systematize that would create the biggest impact for you.

For instance, one of our clients, Dr. Emily, who I mentioned at the beginning, focused on creating 2 irresistible offers helping other dentists create a new revenue stream in their business that didn’t require the dentist’s time because their staff could fulfill on it.

One offer would be a “do it yourself” online course, and the other a high dollar “done with you” implementation workshop that could be done in a small group setting.

Dr. Emily created leverage with her online course because she could pull the information and resources out of her head, and put them into a membership area that could do just as good a job of guiding her students as she could in person.

She gained leverage with the small group implementation workshop by making it “high dollar” and taking a small group through the process together. To her, this process is the same whether she has 1 person or 20 people in the group – she simply earns more for the same amount of time with a group.

And when we add in the marketing automation to sell her online course and generate hot leads for her workshop, 24/7… the sky is the limit.

What’s 1 big thing you could create a system for, starting today?

For more ideas on how to Monetize your business with offers like these, check out my free webclass called “Monetize Me: 11 Ways to Monetize Your Advice, Experience, and Story With Online Training Programs” here.

Tip #2: Build an Automated Sales Funnel

If you’ve already created “leverageable” offers that you know will sell, then you may just need to turn on the faucet and bring in more leads and customers.

If you’ve got an online course between the $97 and $1,997 price point, then an automated webinar funnel is likely your best option.

This is something we’ve helped a lot of clients with, with our most notable case study helping one bestselling author decrease her speaking obligations by 65% and free up 15 hours per week previously spent coaching clients… while increasing her business revenue.

Book funnels work extremely well too. But be warned before you tackle the task of writing or selling a book: they don’t make money.

At least not upfront.

In order to succeed with a book funnel, you must have a real business with a great product grid. Book buyers are the best type of customers because they’ll buy your other courses, coaching programs, tickets to your events, and more. The key is, you must be able to continue to monetize them over time.

Last but not least, there’s my favorite funnel – the “high ticket funnel”. This is great for anyone starting out because it cranks out quality leads for you to close on your high dollar programs – which are always going to be the most profitable (and easiest way to gain a deep understanding of your ideal customer if you’re just starting out).

If you’re looking to build a funnel, beware:

There are “funnel experts” everywhere nowadays, many of whom are unproven. So be sure to do your due diligence before hiring anyone. Ask how long they’ve been doing it, who they’ve worked with, and the kinds of results they’ve gotten for clients, and make sure you pay them according to their level of expertise.

I’ve seen people building funnels for anywhere between $200 – $50,000 a funnel, so consider your budget and what type of quality you’d like. Like anything, you get what you pay for.

Tip #3: Persist Until You Succeed

Once your funnel and product are created, they’re not done.

Sometimes you’ll build a funnel, start running traffic, and hit a home run.

Other times, it’ll be more of a struggle to get going.

Either way, plan on testing and optimizing your products, services, advertising, and marketing funnels over time. That’s the key to building a sustainable online business that gives you the freedom and control you’re looking for.

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I’ll leave you with this thought:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”
– Calvin Coolidge

To Your Success,
Jesse Doubek