The Story Of How I Went From Crushed Dreams To 7-Figure Entrepreneur

[VIDEO] The Story of How I Went From Crushed Dreams to 7-Figure Entrepreneur

In Inspiration by Jesse Doubek

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Jesse you’re a bum. You went to College for seven
years & you didn’t learn a thing. you’re a loser.

My dad laid into me, he was relentless, but what he
said it changed me. It made me really take a step
back and take a look at the direction that my
life was headed. I knew I didn’t want to be like

I wanted something bigger something more
powerful. I wanted to be an nba star. I wanted to
be a champion but my dreams were shattered when I
blew out my knee.

I felt caged. I was trapped in an
unfulfilling lifestyle that seem to be headed
nowhere. That awoke something inside of me,
though, I realized that I had a passion, a
powerful purpose inside of me to change the

I wanted to make a huge impact and I
wanted to show the world who I was and what I
could do.

I was okay with taking risks and I was
willing to do whatever it takes to become a
champion, then it hit me.

I was gonna start My own
business, I was gonna become an entrepreneur. I
was finally feeling optimistic and having a
positive outlook on my future, but my first
business was a real eye-opener, I made
$1600 bucks in my first year and a half and
I alienated my friends and family and I
made a lot of mistakes in the way that I was
approaching people.

They didn’t wanna join my
thing and in reality, it wasn’t my thing at all.
Yes, I was doing work
for a company called ACN and I was getting really
discouraged, it was embarrassing to be honest, so
one day I went on Google and I searched for how
much money the top earners in ACN
actually make cuz I was skeptical and what I’ve
found changed my life forever.

It was an
advertisement that read the one percent secrets
the SVP’s in ACN don’t want you to know about and I
thought what the heck was that so I clicked on it
and it was this guy Jonathan Budd and what he
said I’ll never forget it.

It shook me to my core
and it revealed part of the path to the success
and independence that I needed so badly. The
money is in the size of your list. He said how
many leads you have how much traffic you have.

How many buyers you have and how many followers
you have on social media, man all I had was 30
names and numbers in my cellphone no wonder I
wasn’t getting the success that I wanted and
tried marketing my company online and I realized
that it wasn’t so easy at all, I needed
something to sell
I needed something good something valuable that
could really help people.

I had always been very
technically minded so I decided I was gonna
start building websites for people. so I went on
Youtube and I started learning from 13 year old kids. How
to do it. Yes, 13 year old kids. You know how
they understand the technology.

Meanwhile, my dad
continued to ride me and one day he came storming
into the room you’re, a loser a third class
citizen you need to be a first or second class citizens
like me, and get out there and get a job.

So I
packed of all my stuff right then and there and I moved
out so with even more determination and fire
burning inside of me. I was on my way or so I
thought I was basically starting from scratch. I
had to go sleep on my buddies couch.

two weeks later, my mom calls me crying and I’ll
never forget what she said Jesse You need to do
something because the creditors are threatening
to take away my House.

I was $120,000
in debt and my mom’s house was in
jeopardy and I’ve got her into this mess. So I
had to do something right then, and there so I
called up this guy that I knew owned a lot of
businesses and I showed him that I’d become an
expert at building websites for people for myself
and some of my friends for 25 or 50 dollars each
and he decided to give me an opportunity this
could be my big break right here.

He gave me
two thousand dollars each for five websites for a
total of $10000 dollars
I did five websites in 48 hours time and then
everything changed. Now. I’m in the game. I was
dancing in the streets with excitement.

I had my first Dream client. I knew this is the
beginning of something huge and my life was
getting better. I knew I had to keep growing so I
called up my best friend Mitchell Gandy and we
partnered up and we started providing advanced
marketing services for all of our website

We started building a team. Our business
grew to a $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 and
beyond, and everything changed, then we landed
Brendon Burchard
as a client and we became a seven figure business
literally overnight.

I was now able to live on
the Beach travel the world connect with my idols
become a top influencer in the
stages all over the world.

The best thing is my
mom got to keep her house and my dad has become
my number one fan. the crazy thing is You can do
it too, if I can dramatically change my reality,
then I promise you. You can too, you just need to
know what I know.

You also need to persist until
you succeed with a laser focus that is
relentless and I believe in you, I wanna give you
my exact formula. You just have to take it and
then put it into action with the laser focus
that’s undeniable. All those haters, all those
doubters, all those people blocking you from your
success. Can’t stop you. Forget all those haters
and know this.

The thoughts and the beliefs that
you have inside your head are what actually becomes
reality. Hey guys. I wanna thank you so much for
watching my story of my struggle and then rise to
the top of the game in my field as you know, it
wasn’t easy but I learned in time and I want you
to know exactly what I learned along the way so
you don’t make the same mistakes I did and
struggle so damn much.

I want you to know what
you should do to quit your job and start getting
paid. What you’re really worth starting today.
I wanna show you the first step on how I did it
in full detail, so, then you can go and do it too
starting right now.

So just click the link below
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Alright I’ll see you there. Peace

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